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Wordless Wednesday ~ Redneck Trampoline

March 16, 2010




See more at 5 minutes for Mom.

Email Subscription

March 10, 2010

Have you noticed?  You can now subscribe through email to my blog!  How awesome is that?! 

How?  Well that is easy to answer!  Take a look at my sidebar, located on the right-hand side of my blog.  You see where it says Email Subscription?  See the box there?  Type your email address in the box and click “Sign Me Up”.  Then go to your Inbox and open the email that you receive about subscribing to my blog and follow the instructions, and that’s it!  Then everytime I add a new blog post, it is delivered directly to your Inbox!

See that was easy!  And, now when life gets super busy and you forget that my blog is over here begging you to read it, you won’t have to miss anything because you will know each time I add a new post, just by reading your email! 🙂

An Awesome Deal~F-R-E-E!

March 8, 2010

Look what I found while blog-browsing last night!

At Mommy Maven in the Making!, she gives a PROMO code for a F-R-E-E  Udder Cover!  All you have to pay is the shipping, which for me was $9.95, which I think is pretty standard. The original cost per Udder Cover is $32.oo + shipping, so this is an awesome deal!

What’s an Udder Cover? It is a very stylish and chic way to cover-up while nursing your precious baby.  It hangs around your neck like a necklace, and has a rigid neckline that is adjustable, allowing you to have direct eye contact with baby.  Because of this design,  the risk of baby pulling it off, which would leave you completely and udderly (no pun intended) embarrassed, is eliminated!

I chose the “Carson” for myself. Which one will you choose?

Can’t Sleep

March 8, 2010

So here I sit at 1:48 a.m. unable to fall asleep! I cannot clear my mind no matter how hard I try. I layed in bed for a while, but nothing…the thoughts just kept flooding in.

You see, we are in the process of packing and moving….again!  I only have until Wednesday night to finish, because Thursday morning DH and helpers will begin packing everything onto the trailer, and by Thursday afternoon we should be ready to pull out, headed to LA. 

I have already started packing, but it seems that the stuff is multiplying quicker than I can pack it!  Seriously, where does it all come from?  Until I started packing it into boxes, I really didn’t think that we had that much junk many treasures!  This surprises me, because when we moved just 10 months ago, I gave away a truck load of stuff!

And to top it off, DH had to work everyday this weekend.  Tomorrow I have to go buy more boxes and forward our mail, and we have a Chuck E. Cheese trip scheduled for tomorrow night.  I will be able to get some packing done on Tuesday while my MIL watches the children, however, Tuesday night I will be baking and decorating my sweet EK’s birthday cake.  Wednesday I will have the morning and part of the afternoon  to pack, but will have to stop in the later part of the afternoon to celebrate my EK’s 3rd birthday!  All while taking care of basic everyday needs!

Where, pray tell,  in all of this busy-ness will I have time to pack?  Please, if you happen to know any Moving Fairies, send them my way! And, please pray that it doesn’t rain Thursday, because it is the only day this week that does not show rain…for here or our scheduled destination!

Ahh…now that I have cleared my mind of those thoughts, maybe I can sleep!  Good night morning, everyone!

Happy Scare Day!

March 2, 2010

My childrens’ imaginations never cease to amaze me.  Sometime after moving to Arkansas, my children started celebrating “Scare Day”.  It was something that they created themselves, and each child put in his/her ideas. 

Tuesday is “Scare Day” in our home.  JA is in charge of making the signs.  He writes “Happy Scare Day” on pieces of paper and then tapes them to different walls in the apartment.  Then GC and IM turn off any light that is on. 

After all lights are off and all signs are hung, the children find their “hiding” places.  When DH or I walk past one of these “hiding” places, whichever child is hiding there, jumps up and shouts “Happy Scare Day”!  There is always a lot of giggling and much creativity put into this celebration of sorts!

I love watching my childrens’ imaginations come to life!  I’m not sure why they felt like we needed a “Scare Day”, or even what made them think to create a “Scare Day”, but they enjoy it so much! 

And I love that they worked on this project together, as a team!  I am so thankful to God as I watch them work together, everyone included, no one left out!  Watching their relationship blossom as siblings, and as best friends, brings a smile to my face and my heart!


Slow Down, Please!

March 1, 2010

How is it March already?  Where is the time going?  I honestly am having a hard time keeping up!  It seems like yesterday I was celebrating and making goals for the New Year, and today I wake up and IT IS MARCH!   And, I have yet to post my goals for the New Year on my blog!  I have been meaning to, but time seems to be in a race with my to do list, and well it is obvious who is winning that race.  

There is never a better time than the present to catch up on some things though, right?  Including posting my goals for 2010 to my blog.  

Thankfully, I can say that I have either started on or accomplished some of these goals already.  However, there are some that I have yet to focus on, and sadly some of those are the ones that I would consider to be most important.  I have to start somewhere though, and I will continue to grow and learn, and see each day as a new start!  Some of those “new starts” will be slow and wobbly, while others will be steady and well-balanced!  Either way, I will persevere and strive to live out the purpose that God has planned for me!   

Here are my set goals for 2010: 


2010 Goals 



*Keep My Focus on God 

*My Own Personal Quiet Time (15 min/day) 

*Marriage Related Bible Study w/ Joseph 

*Learn/Memorize 20 Bible Verses As a Family 

*Create a Prayer List 

*Adopt a Widow as a Family Ministry Project



*Build and Follow a Daily Schedule 

*Build a Chore Chart/Reward Chore Bucks 

*Start Planning and Utilizing Weekly Menus 

*Also make company menus 

*Plan School (day for day)/ Planning Time on Weekends 

*Character Traits (Myself/Children) 

*Build a Chart; Possibly Purchase a Character Training Curriculum

 *Start Teaching the children more life skills 

*Teach Alex how to cook 2 “meals”

*Spend more 1 or 1 time with each child

*Change Diet: More Veggies/Fruits/Whole Grains/Water 

*Visit and buy Produce/Meat/Herbs/Eggs/Possibly Milk from local farmers 

*Make a Daily Nutritional Supplements List for everyone and buy them 

*Start eating all meals at the dining table with the children again 

*Read The Bible to them while we eat

*Start our weekly movie/game night again

*Read Bed Time Stories to the children again 

*More Crafts and Hands on Learning for the children 

*More Field Trips 

*Buy a Keyboard/Learn To Play (Myself/Children) 

*Pay off 2 bills 

*Monetary Savings Account = or < 10,000 by Jan. 2011 

*Remodel Minden home/Be finished by September 2010



*Wake Up Before Joseph 

*Make Him Breakfast

*Add more skirts and dresses to wardrobes (Mine/Girls’)

*Create a Reading List 

*Create a Books to Buy List 

*Re-acquaint myself with FlyLady 

*Also Create a Companies Coming Cleaning/Supply Checklist *Complete Herbal Course by January 2011 

*Write Letters and Reconnect with friends and loved ones 

*Exercise 3X’s/week, 20 min/session 

*Make 2 new friends 

*Buy Dehydrator/Learn about storing food 

*Start storing food

 *Smile/Laugh More 

*Blog more often 







What Do You Think?

February 26, 2010


I had mentioned earlier this year that I was thinking about changing the name of my blog.  But after talking with my dear SIL, April, last night, I realized it wasn’t the name of my blog that I dislike,  it was my blog header. 

The name still holds true.  I am still blessed to the point of my cup running over, and I still have a list that is so long that it runs over as well.  So obviously, the name still fits. 

As for the blog header though, it had no life whatsoever!  Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good cup of coffee, but only if I am getting to consume it.  You can sit a cup of coffee down in front of me, and I can only look at it for so long before I HAVE to drink it!  So having a picture of a cup of coffee at the top of my blog was not only boring, it was also a tease.

April and I talked about ways that I could fix my header.  She has some really good ideas, and I will eventually create a header using her ideas.  Until then though, I found this.  (Thank You, Sarah, for posting this valuable info.)  And because it is a cold, rainy, sleep until noon, do not change out of your PJs sort of day, I have been allowing my creative juices to flow, and have created the header that now adorns the top of my blog.  And the best part, it was FREE!!! 🙂

What do you think?  Pretty cute, huh?

Read what others are doing to save money at LIfe As Mom.