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My Daily To Do (March 6th)

March 6, 2009

I did not accomplish everything on my to do list for yesterday, BUT I did do some things that were not on my list!! 

Here’s my list for today:


*My Quiet time w/ God (I SO need to work on this area!!)

*Dress to shoes

*Wipe Down My Bathroom

*Daily Devotion with Children over Breakfast

*Breakfast Cleanup

*Start 1st load of laundry

*Make Beds (Master, Top Bunk, Bottom Bunk, Girls’ Bed)

*Dress EK/Redress EK 5 times

*JA’s school (Bible,Math)

*GC’s school (Bible, Math, Phonics)


*Lunch/Lunch Cleanup

*Naptime for GC ,IM, EK, and AA

*JA’s school (Reading, English)

*Put 1st load of laundry in dryer, start 2nd load

*Start Decluttering Dining Room (This will eventually get done 😉 )

*Dust Foyer, Living Room, and Dining Room

*Sweet Foyer, Living Room, and Dining Room

*Vaccum Carpeted Rooms (Family Room, Kids’ Room, Master Bedroom) (This will too 😉 )

*Take 1st load of laundry out of dryer, put 2nd load in dryer

Early Evening:

*School w/ all children (American History(girls color on paper), Science Projects)

*Start Dinner

*Eat Dinner/Dinner Cleanup

*Bathe Children

*Wipe Down Kids’ Bathroom

*Start new Read Aloud w/ children

*Fold Laundry

*Watch Movie w/ Joseph (Date Night)



If I have time:

*Finish Menus and Shopping List for next 2 weeks

*Vaccum Furniture in Family Room

*Read some of “20 and counting” by the Duggars


I’m sure there is something that I forgot to add, and there are always things that will be done that are not on the list, and things that are not done that are on my list.  My list just gives me something to go by! 

It’s not on my list, but there are always times of cuddling and loving, and I sit and nurse AA many times throughout the day, which quickly turns into a cuddle session with at least one of the other children.  I often have to forgo completing my to do list for these precious moments. But as I watch how quickly they are growing, I have to remind myself that these moments will not last forever, and they are not going to remember whether the dishes were washed after each meal, or how big the mountain of laundry has grown.  What they are going to remember is that mom made time for them and that is what matters!

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