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My Daily To Do (March 10)

March 9, 2009

Well, I didn’t accomplish everything yesterday, but that’s not really the point of my list.  My list is simply a tool, and helps to keep me from becoming a SHE (Side Tracked Home Executive ~ Flylady terminology).  I did, however, get quite a few things that were not on my list done.  I found the floor in the kids’ room, which was hidden under toys, bedding, and various things that should NOT be in there.  This had to be done before the vaccuming could take place.  I sat and had a wonderful conversation with my dh over a cup of coffee, I straightened the family room, among other little odd and end things.  I also caught a very quick nap on the sofa while I was nursing AA, after EK had fell asleep on the loveseat, which was oh so nice!

Anyway, so you are probably wondering what today’s list will look like….. come on, you know you are! 😉  Well, there won’t be a list today!  That’s right, I am taking the day off, well not completely, I will still do dishes, laundry, and other “small” jobs. 

However, today I am going to enjoy my sweet family and we are going to celebrate EK’s 2nd Birthday!  We are going to eat chocolate cupcakes and hot dogs, sing Happy Birthday, watch her open her gifts, and love on that precious ball of energy little girl!  And, if the weather is as lovely as it has been for about a week now, then we are going to go play at the park!  Such fun, and such a special day! 

Thank You, God, for loaning us EK for these past 2 years!  Please give her many more birthdays to celebrate with us!


Happy 2nd Birthday, baby girl!!  We Love You!

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