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My Daily To Do (March 16)

March 15, 2009
I must admit, I did not accomplish very much last week…..BUT, I blame the rain.  The rain made me lounge on the couch, in my pjs, reading blogs, for 2 days!  Ok, ok, I agree, that is pathetic, and I regret it!  My house and my hubby will thank me, when I am finished undoing the mess that was created by 4 very rambunctious little people, who enjoyed the freedom to make that mess! 

AND, hopefully I have learned my lesson….structure is a good thing…repeat that with me “structure is a good thing”!  Remind me of that, if I should ever decide to take a day off again, when there is work to be done, and there is no good reason for not doing that work.

But, I still say that the rain made me do it!   That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

So, I have my list made and I’m ready to get back on track!  Are you with me??  Come on, you can do it!  We will take it in baby steps…  Get up, dress to those shoes, fix your hair, brush your teeth, and put on a bit of makeup (only for you ladies ….hey put that blush brush down, Mr., and step away from the makeup bag ). 

Now doesn’t that feel better??  Doesn’t it make you want to do something?…and I don’t mean take a nap…that will come later!!  Ok, now get moving!  Start small, set a timer for 15 minutes, and get started!  Take a break when that 15 minutes is up!  And then get started again!  You CAN do this…AND so CAN I!

Want more tips on taking baby steps, and getting your day more structured and organized??  Visit FlyLady and then go shine your sink! 

Remember to use your to do list as a tool, don’t let it control you, you control it! 

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, Don’t forget to pray!  Pray as you move about your day, I always feel so much better when I do this!  Pray for your family, your friends, our country, etc. Just make it a point to talk with God! 

Here’s My To Do List For Today: (It looks huge, but many of the things take only a few minutes)


*My Quiet time w/ God

*Dress to shoes

*Wipe Down My Bathroom

*Daily Devotion with Children over Breakfast

*Breakfast Cleanup

*Start 1st load of laundry

*Wash Bed Sheets (Master, Top Bunk, Bottom Bunk, Girls’ Bed)

*Dress EK/Redress EK 5 times

*JA’s school (Bible,Math)

*GC’s school (Bible, Math, Phonics)



*Lunch/Lunch Cleanup

*Naptime for GC ,IM, EK, and AA

*JA’s school (Reading, English)

*Put 1st load of laundry in dryer, start 2nd load

*Deep Clean Kid’s Bathroom

*Dust Family Room

*Straighten Toy Cabinet in Family Room

*Vaccum Carpeted Rooms (Family Room, Kids’ Room, Master Bedroom)

*Take 1st load of laundry out of dryer, put 2nd load in dryer

*Make Beds


Early Evening til Bedtime:

*School w/ all children (American History(girls color on paper), Science Projects)

*Start Dinner

*Eat Dinner/Dinner Cleanup

*Bathe Children

*Read Aloud To Children (Farmer Boy)

*Fold Laundry




If I have time:

*Post recipes at Kitchen Kreations

*Read some of “20 and counting” by the Duggars & check it out for another 2 weeks (I’m sure I already have late fees ~I am Queen of Late Fees)


Taking Baby Steps,




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  1. thejoythejourneythejob permalink*
    March 15, 2009 11:07 pm

    You go girl!

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