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My Daily To Do (March 17)

March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I hope you are wearing green!

Today I am going to meet my mom for lunch in Natchitoches.  This is a nice treat, as we do not get to see each other very often, due to living several hours away from one another.  On occassion I  will meet her and/or my sister 1/2 way, which just happens to be the lovely city of Natchitoches, and we eat lunch and shop.  The children enjoy it as well. 

I have the diaper bag packed, clothes laid out (lots of green, of course), and a list of things that I need to remember to do in the morning before heading out.  I have the potty chair in the van, just in case one of the little princesses need to use the “throne”, and we are not near a restroom.  I have extra clothes for EK and AA, the others normally do not need extra clothes….now that I have said that, I probably should pack them some! 

As for what I plan to accomplish before we leave:

*Feed Bread Starter

* Breakfast/Breakfast cleanup

*Devotion with children over breakfast

* Dress My self and 2 little girls

* Fix everyones’ hair

* Assist in brushing teeth/brush my own

* Pack snacks

* Have everyone potty one last time

* Buckle everyone in van

* Head out


When we get back:

* School basics

* Put away folded laundry

* Dinner/Dinner Cleanup

* Make Dough for Sour Dough Rolls/Cover Overnight

* Quick cleanup of all rooms

* Watch Movie w/ family

* Read Aloud to kiddos

* Kids bedtime

* Read Duggar book

* Shower

* Bedtime


Enjoy your family today!  God Bless!

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