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Weekly Wrapup ~ Movies

March 21, 2009

In the past week have you gone to the movie theatre? If so, what did you see?

Do you frequently see movies in theatres or wait until they are out on DVD or TV?

Have you ever gone to a movie during its opening? Did you wait in line? Do you get excited for movie openings?


These are the questions being asked over at the  Weekly Wrapup

Here are my answers:

*I have not been to the theatre this past week.

*I do not go to the theatre frequently, I do on VERY rare occasions, however.  I would much rather wait until it is out on DVD, and rent it from NetFlix, and watch it on my own time, in my own space, where I know whose hands has touched my popcorn AND the movie can be paused for any necessary potty breaks!  There are those movies, however, that I do wait until they air on TV to view, b/c I do not think they will be worth the extra cost of renting.  I am often times right, and do not finish watching them on TV either!

*I haven’t ever gone to a movie opening, I have heard of the horror stories of waiting in line for hours, and then having to STAND up to watch the movie, and I do NOT wish to experience this!  I do, however, get excited about some of the new movies that are coming out, b/c they look like they would be fun to watch, but even still, I would rather wait until I can rent it from NetFlix.  Besides, I get to view all of the extras and deleted scenes this way, and why would one want to miss those?

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