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March 24, 2009

I went on my first “real” coupon shopping trip tonight.  You know, the one I posted about earlier today.  I had all of my coupons, that I printed out, in order of how I would find them in the store.  Said coupons were neatly placed in my purse behind my wallet, so they were easy to access. 

Dh came home from work, I enjoyed a cup of coffe with him, nursed AA and dressed her so we could leave.  Dh held the umbrella over us as we walked to the van, since it was lightly raining.  I buckled AA into her carseat, kissed dh, and off we went.  I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was about the whole idea!!

We get to Walmart, I strap the Ergo to me, put AA in, grab my purse, lock the van, and into Walmart we marched, ok maybe we didn’t march, but you get the picture.  Although, I think that I would get less looks if I were to march  into Walmart  than I do when I have all 5 children with me….hmm…may have to experiment with that one??..what do you think?

Anywho, I immediately go to the soap isle, b/c that is where I think  I would find the Johnson Buddies Easy Grip Soap and the Sani-Hands Kids wipes, but I was wrong.  No worries though, I needed to get dh some mousse and razor blades from that section anyway.  I leave that section of the store, AA is very content and looking around to see what she can see, and I go to the baby section and find the Johnson Buddies soap right away!  It is priced exactly the way Deal Seeking Mom said it would be, each one 97 cents, meaning that with my $3/3 coupon, they would be FREE!!  I have to look a bit harder to find the Sani-Hands Kids wipes, which were on the top shelf a little ways down the same isle.  With my $1/1 coupon, I can get 40 wipes for $1, hesitated on whether I wanted to do that, and decided to go ahead.

I do some of my regular shopping, and head over to the coffee creamer.  I have 2 coupons that I can use here, I add it up to make sure it is less expensive than the brand I normally buy and it is, so I grab my 3 (16 oz) bottles of coffee mate creamer.  I have one coupon to get $1/1, and a coupon to get $1.50/2.  I, then, grab a few other items from my regular grocery list, calculate a few more items that I have coupons for to see if they are worth it, decide they are not, and continue on.  AA is now sleeping soundly in the Ergo.

I turn down the baking isle, and calculate the difference in cost of Clabber Girl (10 oz) baking powder with a 55 cents off coupon.  It is 77 cents after coupon, my regular baking powder is 98 cents, so I take it.  I try looking for the Contessa meals, do not succeed in finding them, finish gathering items for my regular shopping list, and go to the check out.

I excitedly put my coupon items up on the conveyor, let it go forward a bit, leaving a space, and then put my regular items on.  I wanted to SEE my savings, so I was going to check out twice.

I smile and greet the nice cashier lady, she scans my coffee mate creamers, and then she scans the coffee mate coupons…oh wait, she can’t, because they will NOT scan!!!!  So she decides to scan all of my coupon items and then try the coupons again, and she calls another lady over to help. (I made sure that I got in the line of an “experienced” cashier..mind you)  She tries again to scan my coupons…..NOTHING!!  She asks the other lady what she needs to do, the other lady responds with “If it doesn’t scan, then we cannot take it”, and walks away.  She tries again…beep….Yes!!  The Clabber Girl baking powder coupon scanned!!…whoo hoo!  Beep…so does the Sani-Hands Kids wipes!!  Tries scanning the coffee mate and Johnson’s coupons….NOTHING!!  She then responds, “It is printed really dark, it must be your printer…” and then tells me that another store may take them, but they cannot!!!  She asks if I still want the products, I tell her no, she takes the products back off that I do not want,and tells me my total is $5.79.  I am feeling a bit defeated at this moment, but know that that does NOT sound right!  I mutter “what”, she says “I’m sorry”…I ,thinking that it is probably just me, say “never mind” and  pay her what I owe. 

She switches shifts with another cashier, the new cashier rings up my regular groceries, I pay, and head out of the store.  By this time, it is POURING!  I open the umbrella, get to the van, buckle AA into her seat, put the groceries in the back of the van, put the cart where it belongs, and then assess my sales receipt.  I stop and think…the Clabber girl, should have only been 77 cents after coupon and the Sani-Hands should only have been $1…totaling $1.77, but I paid $5.79!!!!!  After looking over my receipt, I see where she took 2 of the coffee mate creamers off, and instead of taking the 3rd one off, she rang it up again!!  I pondered whether I should go back into the store, in the pouring rain, with AA (who was starting to fuss), for only $3.56, and decided that it was MY $3.56 and I was going to get it.

I opened the dripping umbrella, unbuckled AA, put a blanket over her, grabbed my purse, locked the doors, and marched, more so this time than the first time, back into the store.  Placed my umbrella in a plastic umbrella bag, to keep from dripping all over the store, went to the customer service counter, where there were 2 ladies behind the counter, and took my place in line.  There was only 1 lady in front of me.  And, apparently one of the customer service ladies decided she was not working tonight, b/c she never offered to help me, and it’s not because I wasn’t making any noise…well I was quiet, but AA was NOT, she was past being in Walmart by this point and was letting me…and everyone else, know it! And, I must have been a sight, standing there wet from the rain, bouncing a crying baby, with a wet umbrella in a plastic bag.  I tried to stand the umbrella up next to the counter, so I could adjust AA in my arms, and it fell, making me have to bend down to get it, making AA even more upset.

Call me impatient, but I stood there for 5 minutes and decided that it truly was NOT worth it!  I had already wasted too much time searching for the items, spent way over what I had intended for these couponed items, and was just about to join AA in the scream fest, so I decided it best to accept my losses and head home.  We get out of the store, open the dripping umbrella, AA is still screaming, I get back out to the van, cannot seem to find my keys because they have slipped to the bottom of my purse, and I am trying not to drop the umbrella or AA, who is still screaming!  I realize there is no way I can reach my keys with my hands full, I manage to pull AA’s blanket over her head, put the umbrella down on the ground, and get my keys out of my purse, only to notice that I DIDN’T lock the doors after all! 

I get AA buckled into her seat, close the umbrella, that is now wet on the underside too, get myself into the van, and drive the 3 miles back to my home, stopping at 3 red lights along the way.  I pull into my drive way, with a pit in my stomach, my feet are wet from the water that splashed into my shoes, AA is no longer crying and the rain has stopped!

So is there any reason that I should not retire my couponing at this point???….it will take a very good reason, and at the moment I do not have one!  Ok, so I probably will try it again, but I will need some tips from you ladies who do this all of the time.  Have you ever had this problem before?  What do you do when your coupons do not scan? Is there a trick to knowing whether they will scan before I get to the check out?  Have you taken the coupons to different stores, did they work there? 

So there you have it, my couponing did not get off to a good start!  I will most likely laugh about it tomorrow, but for tonight…it’s my pity party and I will eat chocolate if I want too!

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  1. thejoythejourneythejob permalink*
    March 25, 2009 8:17 am

    I am SOOO sorry! The post was to funny until I got to the end then I did have pity on you!!!! Sorry I have NO advice since I have not even started! You can do it.


  2. March 28, 2009 8:15 am

    I say eat some chocolate! =D (I clicked over through Brea’s Mommy’s Best Post carnival.) LOVE the title of your blog, btw. And I hope you are finding it easier to laugh now.

  3. March 31, 2009 5:08 pm

    I am so sorry you had such a bad experience. I usually do the CVS deals and have made off quite well there. As for the rest I want to start just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Hope you have better luck next time! Thanks for linking up to show off your blog Saturday! Hope to see you next week.

  4. April 1, 2009 11:10 pm

    I’m so sorry for such a bad first experience! (first I’ll agree with Carrie – enjoy the chocolate! and I also Love the title of your blog!!)
    It doesn’t always go smoothly, but sometimes it does (believe it or not right now, lol)
    They should have manually entered the coupons if they appeared legitimate (which obviously they were – and even “regular” MFQ from the paper beep sometimes!), but it can totally depend on your cashier or their mood. Couponing can be time-consuming/confusing to start, but it also can be so very worth it! I just posted a few weeks ago (3/9 I think) about how I got $340-some retail value for $6 PROFIT from Walgreens and Rite-Aid (by using coupons, sales and rebates)! seriously! (And I’m just a regular SAHM – not a “coupon-pro” per se)
    Great job trying though! Especially with the baby in the rain! lol – don’t give up! =) Oh, one tip that may help is to look for young cashiers, especially guys – I seem to have much less of a problem with them, that way you avoid the older crabby cashiers who tell you no for no reason. Also, you should take your receipt in next time you go and make them correct that! That was her mistake and it is your money!
    p.s. I found your blog through “Adventures in Frugal Homemaking (I think, lol) and have really enjoyed it – especially your family pictures, great idea and beautiful family!
    *sorry this is a mini novel*
    ~ Mara =)

    • Brandi permalink*
      April 2, 2009 3:36 pm


      Thank you for stopping by, and for the words of encouragement!! I am def. going to give couponing another try, I just hope next time is much better! I glanced at your blog, and when I have time, I am going to read more, it looks great!!!!! I could really use any tips you have!

      God Bless,


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