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Midnight Memories

January 25, 2010

We have been battling the flu in our home for 2 weeks now.  If that were not bad enough, I haven’t fallen alseep before 3 am on any of those nights!

Why you might ask?  Well it seems that my two smallest sweethearts have decided that that is their new bedtime.  With most of my attention being focused toward whomever is sickest, I have not been paying much attention to whether the little girls get their nap at a decent time of day. 

EK, almost 3 yrs, especially has been falling asleep around 4ish or later, then waking up full of energy!  And since I am sleeping in the sick room (livingroom), with whomever is sick, DH takes EK to bed with him.  However, as soon as DH is snoring asleep, EK makes her way back to me.  AA, 1 yr, wanting to make sure EK has a playmate, stays awake too.

Although this makes for a very sleep deprived mama, there are memories being made during these midnight…and later….happenings.  During these times we have watched movies, sang songs, played with toys,colored in coloring books  and ate some midnight snacks.

Some of the movies that we have watched include, Baby Signing Times, WeeSing movies, Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and various NetFlix movies.  Some songs we have sang include, Jesus Loves Me, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and He’s My Rock.  And EK and I have eaten some yummy snacks, from fresh fruits to pretzels dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate chips.  The pretzels with melted chocolate chips has been our favorite thus far! 😉

Honestly, life is not up to par.  We are in survival mode here, and thankfully everyone is thriving! Our home is in need of some serious cleaning and what school we have done is the bare minimum.  This is all temporary though.  This is a season and it shall pass, but the Midnight Memories that have been made here in the past 2 weeks will always stay with me!  These precious little ones grow up way too quickly, I do not wish to look back and regret not taking time to love on them, and cuddle them, and make precious memories with them! 

So  if I find myself awake tonight, at an hour that the majority of Americans are sound asleep in their nice comfy beds, I am going to smile despite the extreme exhaustion that I may be feeling, and I am going to help create some memories!

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