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Slow Down, Please!

March 1, 2010

How is it March already?  Where is the time going?  I honestly am having a hard time keeping up!  It seems like yesterday I was celebrating and making goals for the New Year, and today I wake up and IT IS MARCH!   And, I have yet to post my goals for the New Year on my blog!  I have been meaning to, but time seems to be in a race with my to do list, and well it is obvious who is winning that race.  

There is never a better time than the present to catch up on some things though, right?  Including posting my goals for 2010 to my blog.  

Thankfully, I can say that I have either started on or accomplished some of these goals already.  However, there are some that I have yet to focus on, and sadly some of those are the ones that I would consider to be most important.  I have to start somewhere though, and I will continue to grow and learn, and see each day as a new start!  Some of those “new starts” will be slow and wobbly, while others will be steady and well-balanced!  Either way, I will persevere and strive to live out the purpose that God has planned for me!   

Here are my set goals for 2010: 


2010 Goals 



*Keep My Focus on God 

*My Own Personal Quiet Time (15 min/day) 

*Marriage Related Bible Study w/ Joseph 

*Learn/Memorize 20 Bible Verses As a Family 

*Create a Prayer List 

*Adopt a Widow as a Family Ministry Project



*Build and Follow a Daily Schedule 

*Build a Chore Chart/Reward Chore Bucks 

*Start Planning and Utilizing Weekly Menus 

*Also make company menus 

*Plan School (day for day)/ Planning Time on Weekends 

*Character Traits (Myself/Children) 

*Build a Chart; Possibly Purchase a Character Training Curriculum

 *Start Teaching the children more life skills 

*Teach Alex how to cook 2 “meals”

*Spend more 1 or 1 time with each child

*Change Diet: More Veggies/Fruits/Whole Grains/Water 

*Visit and buy Produce/Meat/Herbs/Eggs/Possibly Milk from local farmers 

*Make a Daily Nutritional Supplements List for everyone and buy them 

*Start eating all meals at the dining table with the children again 

*Read The Bible to them while we eat

*Start our weekly movie/game night again

*Read Bed Time Stories to the children again 

*More Crafts and Hands on Learning for the children 

*More Field Trips 

*Buy a Keyboard/Learn To Play (Myself/Children) 

*Pay off 2 bills 

*Monetary Savings Account = or < 10,000 by Jan. 2011 

*Remodel Minden home/Be finished by September 2010



*Wake Up Before Joseph 

*Make Him Breakfast

*Add more skirts and dresses to wardrobes (Mine/Girls’)

*Create a Reading List 

*Create a Books to Buy List 

*Re-acquaint myself with FlyLady 

*Also Create a Companies Coming Cleaning/Supply Checklist *Complete Herbal Course by January 2011 

*Write Letters and Reconnect with friends and loved ones 

*Exercise 3X’s/week, 20 min/session 

*Make 2 new friends 

*Buy Dehydrator/Learn about storing food 

*Start storing food

 *Smile/Laugh More 

*Blog more often 







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  1. thejoythejourneythejob permalink*
    March 1, 2010 8:30 pm

    Yeah, your goals are up before mine!


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