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Can’t Sleep

March 8, 2010

So here I sit at 1:48 a.m. unable to fall asleep! I cannot clear my mind no matter how hard I try. I layed in bed for a while, but nothing…the thoughts just kept flooding in.

You see, we are in the process of packing and moving….again!  I only have until Wednesday night to finish, because Thursday morning DH and helpers will begin packing everything onto the trailer, and by Thursday afternoon we should be ready to pull out, headed to LA. 

I have already started packing, but it seems that the stuff is multiplying quicker than I can pack it!  Seriously, where does it all come from?  Until I started packing it into boxes, I really didn’t think that we had that much junk many treasures!  This surprises me, because when we moved just 10 months ago, I gave away a truck load of stuff!

And to top it off, DH had to work everyday this weekend.  Tomorrow I have to go buy more boxes and forward our mail, and we have a Chuck E. Cheese trip scheduled for tomorrow night.  I will be able to get some packing done on Tuesday while my MIL watches the children, however, Tuesday night I will be baking and decorating my sweet EK’s birthday cake.  Wednesday I will have the morning and part of the afternoon  to pack, but will have to stop in the later part of the afternoon to celebrate my EK’s 3rd birthday!  All while taking care of basic everyday needs!

Where, pray tell,  in all of this busy-ness will I have time to pack?  Please, if you happen to know any Moving Fairies, send them my way! And, please pray that it doesn’t rain Thursday, because it is the only day this week that does not show rain…for here or our scheduled destination!

Ahh…now that I have cleared my mind of those thoughts, maybe I can sleep!  Good night morning, everyone!

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  1. thejoythejourneythejob permalink*
    March 8, 2010 5:33 pm

    Wish I was there to help. How about I call and keep you company while you pack!

    • Brandi permalink*
      March 8, 2010 11:02 pm

      Yes, I wish you were here too! Calling me and keeping me company sounds great too!! I will be packing most of the day tomorrow! 😉

  2. amy-iap permalink
    March 10, 2010 1:19 pm

    i read the duggars book and how they organize their storage and moving stuff. we organized our garage that way. it made so much more room, the boxes are lite so i can lift them all and the labeling makes it easy to find what i need.

    • Brandi permalink*
      March 11, 2010 12:21 am

      Don’t you just love that book!! I have not read the whole thing yet, but we were moving to AR when I borrowed it from the library. I just recently bought it though and plan to read it from front to back as soon as we move back to LA and I have a moment of R & R!

      I did read the part about organizing the move and their storage stuff, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for one box. Maybe one day I will decide differently, but we just have too much junk right now…lol!


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