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We Won!!!!

February 23, 2010

Our landlady, Ms. Nanette, called me today to inform me that we have a check waiting for us to pick up in her office!!!  Remember our cute little snowman?  He won 1st place!! 

When we entered the contest we only knew that 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners would be receiving a prize.  However, we did not know what the prizes were.  After she told me that there was a check waiting for us, because we won 1st place in the contest, I just couldn’t bring myself to ask how much the check was.  I was excited, but didn’t want to sound ungrateful, so I decided that I would wait until I picked the check up to look. 

We, however, are out-of-state this week, so I let her know that it would be next week before I could pick the check up, and she said that would not be a problem.  Just as we were saying our goodbyes, she said “Just come by and pick up the check when you are able to.  It is for $100.”

I cannot even begin to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was when I heard her say the amount!  I had somewhat expected the prizes to be monetary, but never did I expect the amount to be so great!  And the children were so VERY excited, when I told them!  Their smiles and excitement were priceless!

I called DH, who was out running errands, and he was almost home already.  I told him that the children had some exciting news and they wanted to be the ones to tell him.  This kept him guessing! 😉  His first guess was that we were going to have another baby…hehe!  The hard “labor” that was put into building our little snowman should qualify me as his mother.

I had the children rehearse how they were going to deliver the exciting news to their daddy, so that everyone felt like they were the one to tell him.  IM said “Remember the snowman we built”. Then, EK excitedly said “We Won”, while pumping one arm up into the air as one would when shouting “hurray”.  Next, GC said “1st place”, and, finally, JA said “$100 check”.  And then everyone said “Yay” and clapped their hands, which then caused AA to light up with a huge smile and clap her hands too. 

DH was very proud of them, and gave them all high fives…er…as our children lovingly call them, “hand fives”.  This was most definitely the highlight of our day!

BTW, snow is predicted in the forecast tonight too, making this the 5th time for us to see snow this year!  Who would have ever believed that AR and LA would receive this much snow in one winter season?  Not I.  Guess this goes to show that God most certainly has a sense of humor, and opinion,  when it comes to “Global Warming”! 😉


What became of my camera?

February 15, 2010

I know I said I would update sooner than this.  However, we had family visiting this past week, so we were enjoying their company!

As for my camera, well the rice did not help the screen.  Thankfully, though, my camera will still take pictures! 

The other day when I realized my camera screen was broken, I assumed the entire camera was broken, but I tried to take some pics of our snowman anyway!  I am so glad that I did, because this is what I saw when I uploaded the pictures from my memory card.

Isn’t he adorable???!!  I have entered him into a Snow man contest that our apartment complex is holding!  They will be giving away a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize.  We will find out tomorrow which Snow Man is the lucky 1st place winner!

Who could deny that face a 1st place prize?  Don’t you just want to squeeze his cheeks?! 😉

Snow + Camera = Does Not Mix!

February 9, 2010

We had our 3rd snow fall for this year, today. It was so beautiful and wet enough that it would stick together enough to make snowballs and most importantly a snowman! Two weeks ago when it snowed it was just a beautiful powdery blanket of snow, and no matter how hard we tried, we could not get it to stick enough to make even the smallest snowballs.

Today was the day though! The snow was PERFECT for making snowballs and snowmen! After feeding the children a hot breakfast brunch of oatmeal, we all dressed in warm clothes and headed down stairs.  We had our basket in tow, which held buttons, a cowboy hat, and a piece of material to be used as a scarf.

Why I didn’t think to make the children use the bathroom before heading downstairs escapes me completely, because as soon as we got downstairs, walked over to where we were going to build our snowman, placed AA in her Bumbo seat so she could watch us easily, I hear from EK, “I need to go potty”!  I scooped her up, put JA and GC in charge of watching after their sisters and ran back upstairs as quickly as possible!  Because if I hadn’t….well you know….I really could have been the mom who was frantically yelling “Don’t eat the yellow snow!!”….and that just wouldn’t have been pretty!  She pottied quickly and we were back downstairs in record time!

Remember that basket I told you about…the one that held the buttons, hat, and scarf?  Well it also held my camera.  I had so diligently placed the cowboy hat over top of the camera, as to not let the snow fall directly on it. 

Before going downstairs, I had pictured all of us working as hard as we possibly could to build one huge snowman.  However, after getting downstairs it was suddenly clear that the boys must have had a non-verbal commitment to build as many snowmen…er…..snow-robots…er….snow-whatevers, as possible.  Only thing, they didn’t tell me this, so I started building away on what I thought would be THE snowman. 

I worked and worked and worked…with IM’s help of course.  She wanted to see our snowman “come to life” as badly as I did.  We made his bottom half, then his mid-section, followed by his cute little head.  Then we placed some buttons on for his eyes, his nose, his mouth, and down his mid-section.  I ran across the parking lot and found the most perfect set of branch arms he could have asked for!  He was looking snazzy!  We followed this up with his scarf, and ever so politely asked the boys if we could borrow the cowboy hat that they had taken out of the basket to use on one of their snow sculptures.  They were more than happy to oblige.  Then we all stood and said “WOW”, because he was the cutest, most handsomest little snowman ever! 

Then it was picture time!  I gathered all the children around our icy little friend, including AA, who had sat so happily in her Bumbo seat watching all the excitement. (She too was getting to take part in some of the action…well until I explained to EK, who laughingly would throw snowballs at her baby sister, that she should only start snowball fights with someone who could defend himself/herself.) 

I reached into the basket to find that my camera had a bit of snow on it, not a lot, and what was on it was already melting.  Apparently this is not good though, because when I turned my camera on, the screen was most certainly not working properly!  All it would show were some tiny blue vertical lines on a white screen!  And that is all it would show after turning it off and back on a few times.  Nothing I did made it any better!  When the boys, unknowingly, removed the protection of the cowboy hat from the camera, it did not take long for the camera to decide that it didn’t like having snow fall on it!  And it threw itself a fit!

So now the camera is completely submerged in a container of rice, and I am praying that the rice will work to remove moisture from inside my camera in the same way that it works to remove moisture from the inside of a cell phone!  I shall get back to you on how that turns out.  In the meantime, I have removed the batteries and the memory card from the camera, and I will try to see if any damage has happened to the memory card, or the pictures that were already on it, tomorrow…er….later today.

Until then, word from the Learned, Do NOT allow your camera to be snowed on!  Snow + Camera = Broken! 😦

Wordless Wednesday ~ Sweet Siblings

February 3, 2010

Go see more Sweet pictures at 5 minutes for Mom


January 30, 2010

I used my dehydrator for the first time today!  My first experiments foods that I dehydrated are bananas, apples with cinnamon, kiwi, oranges, pineapple, and peaches.  I tried a variety to get an idea of what we liked most, and now I know what to make a lot of.

The results?  Apples with cinnamon are loved across the board!  The kiwis were tart and liked by most, but not by all.  The bananas are my least favorite, but loved by hubby and all the children, so I will be sure to make more of them.  The oranges are disliked by most, but I will make more of them to have on hand to use with herbal teas.  The peaches and pineapples are still on the dehydrator because they aren’t quite ready yet.  However, we all got a little taste of each anyway, and we know that we are going to love both!  The children were requesting that I make more pineapple already, so I will be putting more on tonight  this morning before I fall into bed.

Here is a visual of some of the goodies that are ready to be consumed….and most of it has already been!!

It Is Here!

January 28, 2010

My Excalibur Dehydrator has arrived!!!!!!!!!!  I will take some pics of my first homemade dehydrated goodies and post them here soon!

Have a great day! 🙂

Midnight Memories

January 25, 2010

We have been battling the flu in our home for 2 weeks now.  If that were not bad enough, I haven’t fallen alseep before 3 am on any of those nights!

Why you might ask?  Well it seems that my two smallest sweethearts have decided that that is their new bedtime.  With most of my attention being focused toward whomever is sickest, I have not been paying much attention to whether the little girls get their nap at a decent time of day. 

EK, almost 3 yrs, especially has been falling asleep around 4ish or later, then waking up full of energy!  And since I am sleeping in the sick room (livingroom), with whomever is sick, DH takes EK to bed with him.  However, as soon as DH is snoring asleep, EK makes her way back to me.  AA, 1 yr, wanting to make sure EK has a playmate, stays awake too.

Although this makes for a very sleep deprived mama, there are memories being made during these midnight…and later….happenings.  During these times we have watched movies, sang songs, played with toys,colored in coloring books  and ate some midnight snacks.

Some of the movies that we have watched include, Baby Signing Times, WeeSing movies, Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and various NetFlix movies.  Some songs we have sang include, Jesus Loves Me, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and He’s My Rock.  And EK and I have eaten some yummy snacks, from fresh fruits to pretzels dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate chips.  The pretzels with melted chocolate chips has been our favorite thus far! 😉

Honestly, life is not up to par.  We are in survival mode here, and thankfully everyone is thriving! Our home is in need of some serious cleaning and what school we have done is the bare minimum.  This is all temporary though.  This is a season and it shall pass, but the Midnight Memories that have been made here in the past 2 weeks will always stay with me!  These precious little ones grow up way too quickly, I do not wish to look back and regret not taking time to love on them, and cuddle them, and make precious memories with them! 

So  if I find myself awake tonight, at an hour that the majority of Americans are sound asleep in their nice comfy beds, I am going to smile despite the extreme exhaustion that I may be feeling, and I am going to help create some memories!